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What Does it Cost?

What Does it Cost?

“The easy way, the easy way,”

is what her brain said everyday.

‘Cause she just could not bear the pain

of leaving behind all her dreams.

What does it cost? What does it cost?

Keep the baby and lose the fun?

Keep the baby and be seen as wrong?

You see, the price for her gain was baby’s loss.

Within his hands, the surgeon held a tool.

He followed not the Golden Rule.

He saw her thoughts, as if amused,

He assured her, “Yes, a good thing to choose.”

“Yes, my lady, all of its true.

One’s a fool to think a fetus holds any value!

So follow me into this room;

Let us get rid of this burden for you.”

Another gone, another gone.

Her baby’s life did not last long.

The shedding of innocent blood,

A murderous action never to be undone.

A weeping eye, a weeping eye.

Oh, why did she believe the lie?

The burden of her heart did cry,

“Why did you kill your baby? Why?”

So count the cost, please count the cost:

As pure evil in the sight of God,

And only seeing what is not,

Abortion ends with a broken heart and a little life lost.

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