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The Two Worlds

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The Two Worlds

Everyone in this world is searching for answers. Whether it be the answer to a small question or a large question, all people are searching for answers.

This means all people have questions. Some questions are easy to answer, rolling off the tip of the tongue without a second thought. Most questions are left unspoken, but they still exist, nagging at the one who bears them. Yet there are some questions that are very difficult to answer. It is these questions that are difficult to answer that people seem to search for the most.

Questions such as:

  • Where did life come from?

  • How did the world come to be?

  • Why are there so many problems in the world?

  • If there is a God, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?

  • If God is loving, why does He let His children suffer?

  • Is the end of my life the end of me?

Human beings do something very fascinating: we have a way of assigning hasty, effortless answers to the toughest of questions. This is our way of burying the deep answers to questions that are too ‘hard’ to answer. We are willing to lie to ourselves and willing to embrace whatever explanation makes us feel the best. Humans want to feel safe, protected, loved, wanted, known, and cared about. Developing our own solutions—our own set of answers to life’s questions— allows us to feel secure. But that places us in an imaginative reality which we have created; this ‘reality’ holds no value. It is only a fictitious story— an illusion which takes the place of truth.

Painfully, in the world in which we live, a large percentage of mankind has decided to believe some very convincing, yet deadly, false stories:

(Note: those who believe these things do not believe them all at the same time. I am simply listing some of the main false ideas of our world).

  • There is no God

  • The universe made itself

  • Afterlife is imaginary so this world is all that matters; there is no hell

  • Spiritual beings do not exist

  • Fulfillment is found in the way you act, what you will become, or what you own

  • Do what makes you happy

  • If it feels good then do it. Nothing is that bad if it feels good

  • “If there is an afterlife, then I suppose I’d go to heaven, ‘cause I’m a pretty good person.”

  • If there is a God, He is strictly ‘the man upstairs' who doesn’t care about you until it is convenient for Him, plus He hates fun

Believing these lies is incredibly convenient, I’ll say. What else is easier than compiling sloppy evidence for a ‘plausible’ solution created within the walls of your mind? Honestly, if anybody sincerely, without a doubt, believes these things, they have been simply swallowed the easy pill. However, a lot of people willfully and stubbornly hold these stories up as their truth—makeshift ‘truths’—so that they have no responsibility to act upon the real truth. The harsh reality is this: regardless of what ‘truth’ you made yourself believe, you still have to face the real truth at the end of it all. It would seem a great deal better to face it now rather than at the end of time, don’t you think?

This is the truth: You are in a physical world, and it doesn’t last forever. After the physical world or your physical body passes away you enter into the spiritual world. And, spiritual beings do exist, and anything you may have compiled in this world will be gone.

Everything you did in this world to find fulfillment in yourself, all those things you did to ‘feel good’, all things you did to supposedly make you happy, and all the stupid lies you believed will vanish. And if in your lifetime you chose not to reckon with the truth, you can be sure that in the end, you will do your fair share of reckoning.

There is a physical world and a spiritual world. One you can see and the other you cannot see. The spiritual world is unseen to humans, yet it can be tapped into. That is because humans have a spirit. Beneath all the layers of skin and bone lies a treasure, our soul, whereby humans can receive empowerment—either from God or Satan. Just think about that for a minute. Humans have the ability to connect directly to the power of God Almighty, the Creator, or, they may choose to connect directly to the power of Satan, the Ruler of Darkness. Since things in the spiritual world are sometimes manifested in the physical world, we do see certain effects of the spiritual world in our world. Prayers to another dimension are being answered, human bodies are being possessed by evil spirits, witchcraft is being practiced (with scary, real results), some are engaging in strange Satanic rituals, and others are boasting of selling their souls to the Devil, to name a few. It is not uncommon for mere humans to receive supernatural help, either from God or from Satan.

However, although we may see certain effects of the spiritual world, because of our limited human understanding, we have no insight into how the spiritual world works, or what its makeup is. Finding the answer to that question, however,—the makeup of the spiritual world—is completely useless to us at this moment and is like trying to figure out how infinity is reached. But do not be mistaken; the spiritual world is nothing frivolous or mundane. It is a real, infinite world, and it is the world where our world was born.

The physical world—our world destined to fade away—is finite and can be carefully thought about and studied by our human understanding of physics, biology, and mathematics. That’s what science is. Every detail of our world is intricately woven and created with an order. From each cell and organism that your body is composed of to the stars above; all of the physical is like a giant program. The physical world holds millions of miniature factories—factories in your brain, your fingers, the trees, water biomes, and animals— and each factory instinctively knows what its specific job is. No human had to (or has to) tell these factories what to do. Why? Because these factories have a Master Programmer. The Programmer is God Himself.

God is the originator of the universe. Not humans. Not machines. And definitely not so-called modern ‘science’. The big bang theory states that “the universe originated in an explosion from a single point of nearly infinite energy density” (Merriam Webster). Yes, in complete contradiction to the Bible, it is a common belief that life started at the big bang and that Evolution is how the world came to be. Because of the Bible, we know this is false. Conclusions based on the “trueness” of Evolution embrace the idea, almost as a fact, that God is not existent; or, depending on the ideology, that God is not actively involved in the physical world. In the case of the big bang theory, since it claims creation without a God, there remains no explanation for where the initial energy that supposedly created everything came from. The Bible, however, states that God simply spoke the universe into existence (Genesis 1:3,6,9,11,14,20,24,26). Something does not magically come out of nothing.

All around us lies a working, orderly creation. Undoubtedly, we are living in a very complex, tangible, and biological existence. Humans themselves are a biological masterpiece! This existence—the world and the people living within— had a beginning and for sure has an end. And when it does end, there is only one question to be answered waiting for all people in that last hour:

Does the Creator and ruler over all consider YOU a faithful servant?

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father inspirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. John 4:23

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