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The Mysteries of God

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A Short Story based on Biblical events

By Tayla Skye Schroeder

As Jesus taught a crowd of people one day, the Pharisees asked Him, “Tell us, when shall the kingdom of God come?”

Jesus answered, “The kingdom of God is already here! It is displayed in the hearts of those who follow me. God’s kingdom cannot be seen with mortal eyes.”

“Nonsense!” the Pharisees chimed together. And they walked away.

Then a group approached Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what must one do to follow you?”

Jesus answered, “I tell you truthfully; I have nowhere to lay my head. If you wish to follow me you must become like me. Deny your own desires, leave your life behind, and be ready to face persecution. For there is nothing in the universe worth more than a man’s soul.”

“Unreasonable!” the group murmured among themselves. And they walked away.

A woman stepped forward and asked Jesus, “Sir, what is the secret to a good life?”

Smiling, Jesus answered, “Love your enemies and pray for them. Do not do evil deeds back to those who do evil deeds to you. Persecution is a cause for rejoicing! Serve others and you will become great. Give freely, expecting nothing in return except for the approval from God above. For your life must consist of only seeking to please God.”

“What foolishness!” the woman voiced in disapproval. And she walked away.

A young man knelt before Jesus, desperately begging, “Teacher, please tell me, what may I do to gain eternal life?”

Jesus lovingly answered, “It is wise to build up treasures in heaven because anything treasured on earth is useless. The things of this earth pass away, only fulfilling for a time, but the things of heaven last forever. So sell everything you have, and then come and follow me.”

“How melancholy!” the young man moaned as he rose to his feet. And he walked away.

After all these, the crowd of people was almost gone; all who remained were the little children whom He loved.

Jesus said to them, “Surely there is much work to be done for God but so few who would choose Him. Yet you, my little children, are humble and innocent, treasured by the Father. Surely any who desire to join Me must become like you. And truly I say, all those who join Me shall become stewards of the mysteries of God.”

"And He said to them, “To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables." Mark 4:11

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