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Poem: Be Like A...

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Be like a light, shine all over the place

Pray that when people look at you, they will see Christ's face

Be like a butterfly transformed by Christ's blood

The old man is off, the new man is on!

Be like a frog on the leap pads of faith

When God says to go, jump! He'll show you the way

Be like a sheep and follow your Shepherd, your Master

Never stray, never wander, let him be the one your soul chases after

Be like a watchman, always on guard

Don't let the enemy steal your heart!

Be like a prisoner who has just been given a key

Never forget what your God has saved you from and how you have been set free

Be like a bride who just married her groom

Let your love for the Father overflow and fill the room

Be like a tree, whose fruit is boldly showing

So others will see your faithfulness to Christ is growing

Be like a servant and give yourself away

By serving your Lord and others every single day

Be like a child, innocent and clean

After all, only those washed in the blood, heaven will see

Be like your Father, who sees you from above

Spread the good news to others through His almighty love

Be like a soldier, who fights without cease

All day and all night, never let your spirit fall asleep

Be like a runner, run the race until its done

You have an expected end, a place where, Jesus will say,"Well done, my faithful one."

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