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About the Writer


Tayla Schroeder has been homeschooled since third grade, and she loves it! Growing up, her favorite activity was reading (a fact her family can attest to). Her high aspirations for when she would “grow up” were to be a painter and a teacher. Oftentimes, she’d set up a class in her family’s schoolroom and teach her younger sisters the alphabet. 

She is the oldest of seven children—six girls and one boy— and her siblings are her best friends. Dance parties in the living room, “playing salon”, and going on trail walks were common ways Tayla and her sisters spent time together. And after their brother was born times only got better! Now, Tayla and her siblings still love going on walks together, running barefoot outside, working out, singing songs, drawing funny pictures, and laughing with each other for absolutely no reason at all.

Tayla holds her farm life dear, and more than any other animal loves the family’s cows. She plays piano, used to sing in a homeschool choir, and enjoys listening to music, especially cinematic music and hymns. 

Most importantly, Tayla’s passion is her faith in Jesus Christ. She delights in sharing the truth of the Bible as she learns through writing and conversation. Tayla’s favorite things to do are research, discuss theology, and write. She has a blog and wants to be a non-fiction author. This past year, Tayla has especially enjoyed helping in the nursery at church, coaching the elementary kids at Track, and participating in a college writing class.

The most special people to Tayla are her family, and she loves them very much. Desiring to follow the Lord’s plan for her life, Tayla will further pursue writing and looks forward to being a homemaker.

So that no matter what we experience, we may always keep a smile on our face,  joy in our heart, and Jesus on our mind.

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